About us

- Tyrocoin - a modern decentralized cryptocurrency, which concept is based not only on the mining principle, but also in a sustainable energy efficiency policies generating money.

- Tyrocoin is a peer to peer digital currency that uses SHA256 as it is proof of work algorithm making it energy efficient.

- It offers high levels of security, privacy, stability and speed. Tyrocoin was built on a new bitcoin codebase, and scheduled to create 100 coins every ten minutes, and approximately 2 million coins per year.

- Proof of stake APR at 2%, helps reward holders, while also adding additional security to the network while the users stake.

- It has 4MB blocks, so it can handle many transactions in a single block.


Reasons to enter the Tyrocoin universe

- Send money to anyone on the planet, instantly, without any third parties or excessive fees. Include everyone in the world in the financial system, even if they don't have access to modern banking the possibility to change the way we use and interact with money

- We are happy to announce the latest cryptocurrency output, changing the world of money for the better days!

- It's untraceable.

- It only goes one way. If the buyer makes the payment, the money goes straight to the seller and there's no chance it can go back. This means no public institution can follow the source of the funds.


Open an account in less than a minute and start mining right now!